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Betsy Green Bean


BETSY GREEN BEAN is an animated TV (and book) series, written and illustrated by Danielle Winston. It's a modern Manhattan fairy tale about a little witch-girl's adventure in an edible garden and beyond. When vegetables possess magical powers, children learn in a fun way, about the healing properties behind food and nature and more.


Meet Betsy: her parents “little Green miracle,” an adopted six-year-old witch, who lives in a Manhattan high rise. But raising a witch-girl is challenging for regular folks. Especially when instead of eating her vegetables, Betsy turns them into fudge cupcakes and pumpkin doughnuts. To teach her a lesson, Betsy's parents take her on a trip to the edible community garden in Greenwich Village. Too smart for her own good, Betsy becomes convinced her parents are trying to trick her. So instead of picking eggplants, she accidentally turns Mom and Dad into tiny white mice! Lost and alone, Betsy must search for her parents, on the eve of nightfall. In the process, Betsy uncovers a secret world of dancing, singing, vine-swinging vegetables. And when Mr. Carrot urges Betsy to “have a nibble” nothing will ever be the same again...


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