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(Feature film and Series)


A psychological thriller with dark comedic overtones set against the arsty gritty backdrop of Manhattan's East Village. 


After an internet hookup between introverts turns deadly, three gorgeous women with dangerous flaws form a secret pact to eliminate the bad boys in Manhattan so the good men will be easier to locate.


Beneath Lucy Wasserman’s lovely vintage gloves, she hides a horrific hand condition she's grappled with most of her life. When Lucy's rendezvous from turns white-hot, she finally reveals her hands and suffers an overwhelming rejection. Later that evening, over cocktails, Lucy confesses to her closest friends, Angie and Kat, how while fueled with adrenaline, she accidentally strangled her date and left him dead on the floor of his apartment.


Instead of passing judgment, Angie and Kat, feel Lucy's pain.  Both women know what it's like to mask truths. After being rundown by a New York taxi, Kat, a stunning and hard-edged Russian model, hides a titanium foot inside her stiletto boot. And ever since Angie, the sensual bi-racial Wicca hypnotist, lost her fiancée on her wedding day, she was left with a glass eye and the gift of second sight. Bonded and imprisoned by their flaws, Lucy, Angie and Kat, vow to eliminate the bad-boys of Manhattan to pave the way for unconditional love. Although, once the man-killing begins, each woman is affected differently by her actions: Angie is haunted by the love she lost, Lucy struggles to come to terms with the intense power of her hands, and Kat discovers that with love comes vulnerability... and killing makes her feel whole again. Just when their friendship should be its strongest, an emotional tipping point sends Kat over the edge that makes her murderous hunger all-consuming.  What results is a deadly test that will shatter the pact and set Lucy, Angie and Kat, against each other.  And when their lethal feminine forces collide... No Manhattan male will ever be safe again.


See the teaser, for HANDS OF FATE, the short film that inspired the feature.

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