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A Love/breakup feature screenplay that unravels backwards, like a mystery of human nature and occasionally glimpses other versions of our main characters that lurk behind unopened doors.  


Two years after their tempestuous breakup, Ali, a forty-something artist, living in Greenwich Village, and Franklin, a soulful thirty year-old sandwich maker from Astoria Queens, reconnect through Facebook and attempt friendship.  As they journey back through the stages of their fractured relationship all the way to its first sky blush, Ali is consumed with “what-ifs and might-have beens.”  Passionate about her art, yet ultra cautious about her personal life, Ali rarely makes a move without the advice of her Wiccan-shrink, Lulu.  


Franklin’s an old soul idealist, living in the body of a hot tattooed guy who runs cafe a truck, where he crafts artisan sandwiches akin to veggie masterpieces. Way before the friction and mistrust sets in, Franklin teaches Ali how to make jewelry out of kidney beans and she shows him the proper way to mix paint in make smooth liquid strokes… and pretty soon they’re drenched in color, making love on the floor.  

Franklin helps Ali overcome hidden fears. And she makes him view the world in a deeper way. Although... Ali believes true love requires freedom. And when Franklin starts to invent her signature sandwich and tells her he’ll use an Everything bagel, Ali worries she can’t live up to his idealized image. Ultimately, Ali’s self-fulfilling-prophecy results in a twisted mind game that throws Franklin for a loop and severs their relationship.  

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